Eat: What we feed ’em

17. March 2016 YukiPecos 0
Opinions on what dogs should be fed are like _______, everyone’s got one. For me, it came down to research and education, then finding the food with the ingredients that best match what I have seen and read. And, most importantly, do the dogs have adverse reactions to the food choice. Our choice in brand ...

Photo: Yuki in winter

27. January 2016 Yuki 0
Unlike his house mate, Yuki quite enjoys the snow. He waits for you to kick some on his face so he can eat it, or he’ll root around in it eating snow like a kid downs an ice cream cone.  

Photo: Dog as art

16. January 2016 Pecos 0
I have started working with an online company called Canvaspop to turn some photos of the dogs in to canvas wall art.  Below is a picture of the first one they did for me, Pecos.  I’m now waiting for one I sent in of Yuki.  I’ll post the results of that when it’s delivered in ...

Howler: Yuki

16. January 2016 Yuki 0
One of Yuki’s few talents is his singing voice. Discovered after we adopted him and a fire engine drove by one day with sirens blaring, Mom’s been enamored with Yuki’s howling talents ever since. He’s still set off by any siren in the distance, but his trigger has become much more easy to pull since he became ...

Swamp Dog: Pecos

16. January 2016 Pecos 0
As mentioned in Pecos’ bio, his history is a bit of a mystery. The rescue we adopted him from, VGSR, listed him as a “White Shepherd”, however, as you can see when compared with Yuki, he’s not white and doesn’t exactly match a German Shepherd, especially in the eyes. What could he be? I had ...

Dog Bio: Pecos

14. January 2016 Pecos 0
For as much as we know about Yuki, Pecos is the exact opposite, he’s a complete mystery. His age, his origin, his breed, his original name (if any), are all questions that have no answer. We adopted Pecos (née “Goliath”) from VGSR in October of 2013. At the time, the official story states that he ...

Dog Bio: Yuki

14. January 2016 Yuki 0
Yuki, is a White Shepherd, a type of dog that was almost excised from the planet decades ago. European breeders saw White Shepherds as anomalies in the German Shepherd breed and tried to keep them from tainting the breed by destroying any White Shepherd that came along. They were almost successful but Canadian and American ...