Why “twodo.gs” and that header image?

Since I am coming back to this after a few years, I probably should explain the blog title and the header image. Yuki and Pecos were the original Two Dogs. After I lost my long time companion Archie (a black Lab-Rottie Mix) I wanted to immortalize Yuki and Pecos on the Internet in preparation for... Continue Reading →

2020: Hope for a better year

It's been a long time since I've posted here. 2019 was a bad year for our family, close and extended. There was a lot of loss in both worlds, human and dog. We approach 2020 with trepidation and hope.

Hello 2019

Another year has passed here at twodo.gs, and I'm happy to report that all our doggos are alive and mostly well. Yuki, the sickest, still has two cancers to battle.  His osteosarcoma is very apparent in his front leg, and he is getting bone-strengthening treatments once-a-month to delay the inevitable break.  He's lost most of... Continue Reading →

Pecos’s Story: X-Ray

We took Pecos to the Vet to get him a chest x-ray as requested by the Oncologist.  The Dr. wanted to see if there was any sign of cancer in his lungs.  Thankfully, there wasn't.  Not only that, but shockingly to all concerned, Pecos didn't even have to be sedated to get two side x-rays... Continue Reading →

Pecos’s Story: The Beginning

It now appears the Pecos has Oral Melanoma on his lower lip. We now have two dogs with cancer. We took Pecos to the Vet last night to have her look at a growth on his lip. She did an aspiration for an official prognosis, but she's pretty sure it's Melanoma. He doesn't seem to... Continue Reading →

Photo: A statement on our times

As mentioned in other posts, Mom has a Turkish background.  This means we eat at Turkish food restaurants from time to time.  Me, I’m an admittedly very picky eater, while Mom is not.  So it is always funny to me that one of the things I picked up a love for from Turkish restaurants is... Continue Reading →

Photo: (Rarely) Happy Pecos

One sunny afternoon and Pecos is going to soak up as much of it as possible! All the ballsAll the gatorsAll the bonesAll the wing’d firedrakersNothing comparesNothing nothing can sumtbqh nothing comparesTo a nap in the sun pic.twitter.com/nu3s6b1ESG— Scott (@writeandsee) April 9, 2018

Twodo.gs 2017

2017 wrap-up It was a good year, for the most part, for Yuki and Pecos this year. Before November things were quiet but enjoyable for our two mutts. On the blog side, 2017 started with a few posts in February, but things went quiet for most of the year until the unfortunate news we received... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Round 2

The second round completes The Holiday season is upon us and Yuki is finishing “Round 2” of his chemotherapy. The coming week will be his rest week with only a blood CBC to be performed to check his overall health. Nothing changed this time from the previous round. Vincristine, Cytoxan, Vincristine again, and finally Doxorubicin.... Continue Reading →

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