Yuki’s Story: Week 3 & 4

Vincristine Returns and Doxorubicin bows This week Yuki received his second helping of Vincristine. This was the first time the oncologist made an adjustment to the dosage by backing off just a little bit due to the diarrhea Yuki had after the first time around with Vincristine. Yuki tolerated the week 3 therapy quite well... Continue Reading →

Photo: Doggone Photogenic

If there’s one thing on the earth that Pecos is great for it’s being photographed. Yuki, with his previous modeling career, literally runs away any time a camera is pointed at him. Well, maybe not “runs away”, but he’ll look away, start fidgeting, and yes, even get up and walk away. Pecos, on the other... Continue Reading →

Photo: We’ve all had one of those days.

Pecos was taking a nap one afternoon and when I came across his sleeping heap, he was striking quite the pose. I simply couldn’t resist from immortalizing the moment for all eternity.   Mom was quick to mention that had this been a picture of a person they’d want all copies burned.

Pecos: What’s in a name?

Something I may have mentioned before was the consternation people have with Pecos’ name. Most, out here in the east, pronounce it “Pee-cos”, which is just terrible sounding. When we adopted Pecos, VGSR described him as a white Shepherd, which was obviously inaccurate once we saw him. As I described before, he has the looks... Continue Reading →

Photo: Dog as art

I have started working with an online company called Canvaspop to turn some photos of the dogs in to canvas wall art.  Below is a picture of the first one they did for me, Pecos.  I'm now waiting for one I sent in of Yuki.  I'll post the results of that when it's delivered in... Continue Reading →

Swamp Dog: Pecos

As mentioned in Pecos’ bio, his history is a bit of a mystery. The rescue we adopted him from, VGSR, listed him as a “White Shepherd”, however, as you can see when compared with Yuki, he’s not white and doesn’t exactly match a German Shepherd, especially in the eyes. What could he be? I had... Continue Reading →

Dog Bio: Pecos

For as much as we know about Yuki, Pecos is the exact opposite, he’s a complete mystery. His age, his origin, his breed, his original name (if any), are all questions that have no answer. We adopted Pecos (née “Goliath”) from VGSR in October of 2013. At the time, the official story states that he... Continue Reading →

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