2017 wrap-up It was a good year, for the most part, for Yuki and Pecos this year. Before November things were quiet but enjoyable for our two mutts. On the blog side, 2017 started with a few posts in February, but things went quiet for most of the year until the unfortunate news we received... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Round 2

The second round completes The Holiday season is upon us and Yuki is finishing “Round 2” of his chemotherapy. The coming week will be his rest week with only a blood CBC to be performed to check his overall health. Nothing changed this time from the previous round. Vincristine, Cytoxan, Vincristine again, and finally Doxorubicin.... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Week 3 & 4

Vincristine Returns and Doxorubicin bows This week Yuki received his second helping of Vincristine. This was the first time the oncologist made an adjustment to the dosage by backing off just a little bit due to the diarrhea Yuki had after the first time around with Vincristine. Yuki tolerated the week 3 therapy quite well... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Week 1

Chemotherapy begins On a Friday in October, Yuki went in for his first treatment, Vincristine. Yuki’s new schedule is a drop-off early in the morning, along with paperwork detailing the past week and how he tolerated the previous treatment, followed by a quick blood test to make sure he’s healthy enough to continue the treatments.... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Week 0

The Diagnosis In October of 2017 our worst fears for Yuki came true when he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Yuki had been fighting some kind of sinus infection (again) when one of his bottom lips became very inflamed. This had happened once just after we adopted him (the inflamed lip) so between the two problems... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Introduction

Introduction Yuki was born on June 6, 2009, part of a litter belonging to a breeder somewhere in central Virginia. According to his records, Yuki came into this world full of problems. Diagnosed almost immediately with hip displasia, and soon after that, a worm infestation. It’s unknown if Yuki was the alpha of the litter,... Continue Reading →

Photo: Yuki’s bad habit

As mentioned recently in the Twitter timeline, Yuki has been fighting a yeast infection in one of his ears for over a year now. We get ear wash and medicine, Mom works on his ear for a couple weeks and everything is fine for about a month, and then the infection come raging back.

Photo: The Hair of the Dog that Bit You

One of our constant battles is with Yuki's hair. All dogs shed. Some, more than others. I sometimes wonder if Yuki is able to set an all-time-high shedding rate amongst canines. Like the Samoyed, if Yuki's hair is not brushed daily or weekly then "tumbleweeds" (as Mom calls them) begin showing up all over the... Continue Reading →

Photo: Yuki in winter

Unlike his house mate, Yuki quite enjoys the snow. He waits for you to kick some on his face so he can eat it, or he'll root around in it eating snow like a kid downs an ice cream cone.  

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