Yuki’s Story: The End

Today Yuki no longer has to suffer his cancers, his bad hips, his arthritis.  Today Yuki is freed from suffering any longer.  He will be sorely missed.  I cry openly as I write this because I am sad and because our family will be smaller and will lack the joy his quirky, happy personality brought... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Introduction

Introduction Yuki was born on June 6, 2009, part of a litter belonging to a breeder somewhere in central Virginia. According to his records, Yuki came into this world full of problems. Diagnosed almost immediately with hip displasia, and soon after that, a worm infestation. It’s unknown if Yuki was the alpha of the litter,... Continue Reading →

Dog Bio: Yuki

Yuki, is a White Shepherd, a type of dog that was almost excised from the planet decades ago. European breeders saw White Shepherds as anomalies in the German Shepherd breed and tried to keep them from tainting the breed by destroying any White Shepherd that came along. They were almost successful but Canadian and American... Continue Reading →

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