Hello 2019

Another year has passed here at twodo.gs, and I’m happy to report that all our doggos are alive and mostly well.

Yuki, the sickest, still has two cancers to battle.  His osteosarcoma is very apparent in his front leg, and he is getting bone-strengthening treatments once-a-month to delay the inevitable break.  He’s lost most of his hair around that tumor due to the palliative radiation treatments get received last October.

Yuki’s Lymphoma is still going strong as well and fighting back against everything the Oncologist is trying.  His next tool will be a CCNU treatment next week.  Yuki’s Lymph nodes aren’t growing, but they are not softening either.

Otherwise, Yuki is full of life and vigor.  Yuki’s more like the dog he was five years.  It is sometime’s perplexing that a dog so sick with cancer seems to be at the top of his game from an energy and liveliness perspective.

Pecos has finished his vaccine treatments for Melanoma and is now on a once-a-day Cytoxin regimen for the Hemangiosarcoma they found under his tongue when they removed the Melanoma from his lip.  He’s shown no side effects from this treatment and is his same old self.

Dandy, the healthy one, is enjoying her life.  She likes being outside a lot and sits, or rolls, in the yard and watches for intruding Squirrels.  While in the house she is quiet and (very) affectionate.

I doubt I’ll be giving the same good news next year, but we are delighted to have all our pups with us now, and we’ll enjoy the moment while it lasts.

2 thoughts on “Hello 2019

  1. Poor dog! The slow health decline is painful, but it really forces you to appreciate the time you have together. Glad to hear the Yuki is full of energy, wish you all the best in the coming months!

    1. Thanks Eryk. Yes we have learned to see each day with Yuki as a blessing. We’ve already had him 14 more months than we would have, and he’s still happy-go-lucky.

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