Pecos’s Story: X-Ray

We took Pecos to the Vet to get him a chest x-ray as requested by the Oncologist.  The Dr. wanted to see if there was any sign of cancer in his lungs.  Thankfully, there wasn't.  Not only that, but shockingly to all concerned, Pecos didn't even have to be sedated to get two side x-rays... Continue Reading →

Dandy really hates thunder.

Our Golden Retriever from Turkey has a really bad fear of thunder or loud noises.  When storms roll through she goes bananas running around the house looking for somewhere to hide.  We have found great success using the Thundershirt to calm her down.  She gets excited when she sees it pulled out and practically jumps... Continue Reading →

Pecos’s Story: The Beginning

It now appears the Pecos has Oral Melanoma on his lower lip. We now have two dogs with cancer. We took Pecos to the Vet last night to have her look at a growth on his lip. She did an aspiration for an official prognosis, but she's pretty sure it's Melanoma. He doesn't seem to... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: The Story (sadly) Continues

Yuki's cancer has returned. After about 5 months of celebrating Yuki's successful journey through chemotherapy to fight and put his Lymphoma into remission, July's discovery that his lymph nodes were swelling again was very upsetting. We had noticed in June/July that his skin problems were returning and Mom then noticed his lymph nodes increasing in... Continue Reading →

Digger Dandy

As mentioned previously, we have a new arrival, Dandy. She has been a very good dog and adapted extremely quickly to our home. We tell folks it's like she's been with us for years. One thing, however, the little rascal loves doing when she's outside and excited, is dig holes. Everywhere. Now, to be honest,... Continue Reading →

Photo: A statement on our times

As mentioned in other posts, Mom has a Turkish background.  This means we eat at Turkish food restaurants from time to time.  Me, I’m an admittedly very picky eater, while Mom is not.  So it is always funny to me that one of the things I picked up a love for from Turkish restaurants is... Continue Reading →

Yuki’s Story: Finale

I'm not going to string this out. Simply put, Yuki is CANCER FREE! Recently, Yuki went in for his final exam and "re-staging" after finishing his 20 weeks of chemotherapy. They did lots of tests that day, blood, ultrasounds, etc., and it all looked good. They also took a sample from one of his lymph... Continue Reading →

Dandy’s trip to America

As was teased here previously, we have a new addition to our family.  She's about 50lbs, cute as a button and is named "Dandy". Dandy comes to our family from Turkey!  She is one of many rescue dogs (#turkeydogs) that have started coming to America from Turkey. The stories vary on how all these dogs... Continue Reading →

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