Photo: A statement on our times

14. April 2018 dandy, Pecos 0
As mentioned in other posts, Mom has a Turkish background.  This means we eat at Turkish food restaurants from time to time.  Me, I’m an admittedly very picky eater, while Mom is not.  So it is always funny to me that one of the things I picked up a love for from Turkish restaurants is ...

Yuki’s Story: Finale

13. April 2018 Yuki 0
Yuki’s Story: Finale
I’m not going to string this out. Simply put, Yuki is CANCER FREE! Recently, Yuki went in for his final exam and “re-staging” after finishing his 20 weeks of chemotherapy. They did lots of tests that day, blood, ultrasounds, etc., and it all looked good. They also took a sample from one of his lymph ...

Dandy’s trip to America

12. April 2018 dandy 0
As was teased here previously, we have a new addition to our family.  She’s about 50lbs, cute as a button and is named “Dandy”. Dandy comes to our family from Turkey!  She is one of many rescue dogs (#turkeydogs) that have started coming to America from Turkey. The stories vary on how all these dogs ...

Photo: (Rarely) Happy Pecos

09. April 2018 Pecos 0
One sunny afternoon and Pecos is going to soak up as much of it as possible! All the ballsAll the gatorsAll the bonesAll the wing’d firedrakers Nothing comparesNothing nothing can sumtbqh nothing comparesTo a nap in the sun — Scott (@writeandsee) April 9, 2018

Yuki’s Story – Round 4, Week 1

05. February 2018 Yuki 0
Yuki’s Story – Round 4, Week 1
Yuki is now on his last round of chemotherapy, and soon we\'ll know if all this was any help in extending his life. We are anxious to know if all these treatments will give us more time with our beloved pet, but they also made us realize that every moment with our dogs is a gift and that their presence in our life, and the affect they have on our lives, should never be take for granted.

Last week in twitter

16. January 2018 YukiPecos 0
Yuki likes to spend time in the evenings playing catch by having Dad toss Yuki’s 60 new tennis balls to him one-at-a-time. — Scott (@writeandsee) January 7, 2018 The dingo Pecos wanted to get some affection time with Mom, and in doing so fell asleep on her shoe. — Scott (@writeandsee) January 7, 2018

Yuki‘ a Story – Round 3, Week 2

16. January 2018 Yuki 0
Yuki‘ a Story – Round 3, Week 2
Liver wurst Yuki’s third round of Cytoxan began this week, but it almost didn’t happen. Yuki’s liver values were still going in the wrong direction when he was tested before his chemo. This brought on a “all hands on deck” situation at the Oncologist’s office as they decided to find out what was going on ...

Yuki’s Story: Round 3, Week 1

06. January 2018 Yuki 0
Yuki’s Story: Round 3, Week 1
Just a quick update. Yuki has begun his third round of chemotherapy this week with Vincristine again. One thing, however, that has caused some concern with the oncologist is Yuki’s Liver numbers. His total bilirubin number was high and after re-checking was much lower but remained above normal. The doctor decided to lessen the Vincristine ... 2017

31. December 2017 Pecos, Yuki 0 2017
2017 wrap-up It was a good year, for the most part, for Yuki and Pecos this year. Before November things were quiet but enjoyable for our two mutts. On the blog side, 2017 started with a few posts in February, but things went quiet for most of the year until the unfortunate news we received ...