Pecos’s Story: X-Ray

We took Pecos to the Vet to get him a chest x-ray as requested by the Oncologist.  The Dr. wanted to see if there was any sign of cancer in his lungs.  Thankfully, there wasn’t.  Not only that, but shockingly to all concerned, Pecos didn’t even have to be sedated to get two side x-rays and a belly-up x-ray.  They said he was a good boy and just laid there quietly while they positioned him.  No one, not even us, expected that.  Pecos is a very fussy animal when strangers start handling him in ways he doesn’t like.  Heck, it took over a year before he trusted us enough to touch his tail or feet and not try to nip when we did.

The (of course) bad news is that the Vet thinks there’s the possibility Pecos has an enlarged heart, which, if verified by measurements and second opinions, could mean that regardless if the cancer is stopped or not, he’ll still have not much longer to live.  He definitely has some of the symptoms, lethargy & weigh loss being most prominent.  He doesn’t have coughing fits so that’s a good sign that he’s at least not collecting water in his lungs.  If the Vet is right in her thinking, it may have impact on timing for Pecos’s surgery  to remove the cancer from his lip.  They’ll most likely want to schedule an echocardiogram to verify his heart health first.

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