Swamp Dog: Pecos

As mentioned in Pecos’ bio, his history is a bit of a mystery. The rescue we adopted him from, VGSR, listed him as a “White Shepherd”, however, as you can see when compared with Yuki, he’s not white and doesn’t exactly match a German Shepherd, especially in the eyes. What could he be?

I had accepted the “Shepherd Mix” theory until I read something from another dog owner who had also adopted a “German Shepherd” but realized they had something different.

He linked to some stories about an American breed known as “Carolina” dogs, aka “American Dingo”. As you can see in this photo, a dog in the front is the spitting image of Pecos (and another on the far left looks like Yuki, but that’s another story).

I’m not ready to claim he’s full-blooded Carolina, but I’m pretty sure he’s got some pretty strong Carolina genes.