Digger Dandy

As mentioned previously, we have a new arrival, Dandy. She has been a very good dog and adapted extremely quickly to our home. We tell folks it’s like she’s been with us for years.

One thing, however, the little rascal loves doing when she’s outside and excited, is dig holes. Everywhere.

Now, to be honest, Pecos is a digger too. But he digs to find cool ground on hot days. Usually once he’s found a spot, he’ll continue to dig there (usually next to the rose bushes, ugh!).

Dandy, on the other hand, digs everywhere. This website gives 5 reasons for dogs to dig holes, this website gives 7, and this website gives 9. Who knows who’s right, but I think there’s one or two reasons for Dandy’s destructive efforts. Either she’s bored or she’s playing.

We have a fenced yard and she doesn’t dig at the fence, so she’s not trying to escape. She’s not packing a bone or other food so she’s not storing something for future use. Usually I’m out there with the dogs throwing the ball or watching them, so there’s no separation anxiety (also, we don’t leave our dogs outside when we’re not home).

If I’m out there when she starts digging, that’s when I attribute it to playing. It usually occurs when she, Pecos and Yuki are running around playing chase. She’s excited, wound up and starts digging.

Other times when everyone’s just sitting enjoying the day or resting after play, then she might start digging, which I then attribute to boredom. Yuki, Pecos and I just don’t have her youthful energy and I think we tire before she does.