Digger Dandy

As mentioned previously, we have a new arrival, Dandy. She has been a very good dog and adapted extremely quickly to our home. We tell folks it's like she's been with us for years. One thing, however, the little rascal loves doing when she's outside and excited, is dig holes. Everywhere. Now, to be honest, … Continue reading Digger Dandy

Last week in twodo.gs twitter

Yuki likes to spend time in the evenings playing catch by having Dad toss Yuki's 60 new tennis balls to him one-at-a-time. — Scott (@writeandsee) January 7, 2018 The dingo Pecos wanted to get some affection time with Mom, and in doing so fell asleep on her shoe. — Scott (@writeandsee) January 7, 2018

Yuki’s Story: Week 2

Cytoxan and Pecos This week Yuki was introduced to Cytoxan, the second pharmaceutical weapon in the oncologist’s arsenal. With this drug, we have the first time we directly participate in chemotherapy dosing. Unlike Vincristine, and Lspar before it, Cytoxan is a three-dose treatment via pill. The first dose is given at the oncologist’s office where … Continue reading Yuki’s Story: Week 2

Health: How we treat ’em.

In reference to the previous article on food, everyone has an opinion on Veterinarians. Especially the ones they trust their dog’s health with. And, I’m sure our choice is not everyone’s choice. Since they are a nation-wide organization, there’s probably locations that aren’t as great as others, but we can only speak to our experience … Continue reading Health: How we treat ’em.