Digger Dandy

As mentioned previously, we have a new arrival, Dandy. She has been a very good dog and adapted extremely quickly to our home. We tell folks it's like she's been with us for years. One thing, however, the little rascal loves doing when she's outside and excited, is dig holes. Everywhere. Now, to be honest,... Continue Reading →

Last week in twodo.gs twitter

Yuki likes to spend time in the evenings playing catch by having Dad toss Yuki's 60 new tennis balls to him one-at-a-time. — Scott (@writeandsee) January 7, 2018 The dingo Pecos wanted to get some affection time with Mom, and in doing so fell asleep on her shoe. — Scott (@writeandsee) January 7, 2018

Yuki’s Story: Week 2

Cytoxan and Pecos This week Yuki was introduced to Cytoxan, the second pharmaceutical weapon in the oncologist’s arsenal. With this drug, we have the first time we directly participate in chemotherapy dosing. Unlike Vincristine, and Lspar before it, Cytoxan is a three-dose treatment via pill. The first dose is given at the oncologist’s office where... Continue Reading →

Photo: Ice Cream!

Last summer Mom found some Peanut Butter flavored ice cream treats for dogs. These turned out to be just the thing on hot days to help these two cool down in the evening after running around outside in the early evening… I have no idea if dogs have the concept of the ice cream headache,... Continue Reading →

Photo: Pool Party

For the last couple years we’ve picked up a pool at PetsMart for the dogs to play in. Usually in the past, Yuki was the only one interested, but this year Pecos got his first experience with one of these pools

Photo: Dog Tree

A few years ago we clear a number of trees from our back yard. We decided at the time to keep one, an oddly shaped Holly tree that gained the nickname “Seuss Tree” due to its trunk which is far from straight.

Review: What they play with.

Continuing with the discussions of what we provide our dogs with, this post will discuss their playthings. It is really a simple list. At the top of the list is the most heavily used, the Chuckit brand of balls and throwers. Yuki has always been madly in love with the Chuckit ball. He chews them... Continue Reading →

Review:  What They Sleep On

One thing we, and probably many dog owners, go through is dog beds. At least, we used to go through them until we started buying the "Kirkland Signature" dog beds from Costco. A long time ago we always used to buy the dog's beds from whatever pet store we were frequenting at the time. I... Continue Reading →

Odd: TV and Dogs

I’ve had pet dogs, on and off, since junior high school and one thing that I thought I was seeing more of these days than before was dogs watching TV. I can remember as a kid trying to get the dog to notice a cat or dog on the screen with zero success. Today, without... Continue Reading →

Health: How we treat ’em.

In reference to the previous article on food, everyone has an opinion on Veterinarians. Especially the ones they trust their dog’s health with. And, I’m sure our choice is not everyone’s choice. Since they are a nation-wide organization, there’s probably locations that aren’t as great as others, but we can only speak to our experience... Continue Reading →

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