Eat: What we feed ’em

Opinions on what dogs should be fed are like _______, everyone’s got one. For me, it came down to research and education, then finding the food with the ingredients that best match what I have seen and read. And, most importantly, do the dogs have adverse reactions to the food choice.

Our choice in brand has been Blue Buffalo for many years now. The decision was made years ago when dogs were dying from dog food that had included Melamine and we wanted to get away from any dog food that was 1.) full of grain fillers and 2.) made with ingredients grown and processed here in the U.S. and not somewhere else.

After much reading and research we settled on Blue. It is a brand that is usually in the top five of healthiest dog food brands, if not more often the number 1 brand. They are quite vocal about their food being grain free and all the ingredients coming from, and processed within, the U.S.

For most of this time, Adult Large Breed Salmon was our mainstay. Easiest on the stomach of any dog food protein, Salmon served our dogs well. About a year ago we switched them to Adult Large Breed Chicken (Healthy Weight Formula) as Pecos is on the chubby side, so trying a formula designed for chubby dogs was in order.

We are still using the Chicken, but have started with one of the Basics flavors, Turkey and Potato. We’re trying this as Yuki is a walking allergy farm and while all the Blue mixes contain some amount of Chicken, the Basics line doesn’t, as a lot of dogs have allergies to Chicken apparently. Hopefully this line of Basics mixes will help Yuki with his sneezing and itching a bit. Time will tell.

I will add, that one flavor we tried was a flop, even for Pecos who will just about eat anything. The Bayou Blend was a little too different for our dog’s tastes. It sat in the food bowls for 2 days before they ate it our of sheer hunger.

Still have the bag if anyone’s interested.

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