Review:  What They Sleep On

One thing we, and probably many dog owners, go through is dog beds. At least, we used to go through them until we started buying the “Kirkland Signaturedog beds from Costco.

A long time ago we always used to buy the dog’s beds from whatever pet store we were frequenting at the time. I mean, who else would have the best dog beds other than a pet store?

We found that the dog beds we were getting would usually last about a year, at most, and then we’d have to get more. With three dogs back then, and two dogs now, that equals at least 4 dog beds a year (two upstairs and two downstairs and maybe one extra). That’s a bit of coin when you see the prices the local pet boutique asks for their “quality” beds.

One year, just because we were there and needed some replacements, we purchased three or four dog beds from Costco. Mom liked the colors and thought they would go well with the decor. We didn’t really think they would last any longer than the previous beds, we did it out of convenience.

That was almost four years ago. We still had all four up until a week ago when we threw out two of them. Not really because they were flat or otherwise shredded, mostly because they had become stained from Vitamin E oil Mom was putting on Yuki’s elbows before bedtime. Yuki also suffers re-occurring ear infections so in an effort to give him a clean sleeping surface, and since we could not wash out the oil stains, we decided to get rid of two of the four and replace them with new beds from Costco.


Yuki sitting on his new dog bed

Yuki enjoying his new Kirkland Signature bed. It pretty much where he lives. The window is his “T.V.”


The ones we threw out had orthopedic memory foam that was still thick and cushiony and the covers hadn’t been shredded by Yuki’s nightly scratching of the bed before laying down (this is what ruined so many of the previous beds). They had aged, but aged gracefully.

There was an article I remember from the January, 2013 edition of the Costco Connection magazine where they interviewed the buyer for the materials used in the Costco dog beds. “Couture” was a word actually used in the article to describe their goals in designing dog beds, but just as important was using materials that were tough and would last after years of washing and dog use. We can say from first hand experience that they accomplished their goal.


Pecos lying on faux fir-topped dog bed.

Pecos enjoys his new bear-skin dog bed as he cuddles his “squeaker”.


We just bought two new ones this weekend. We had to, the dogs were continually fighting over who got to sleep in the remaining two beds. We take that as an endorsement from them.