Health: How we treat ’em.

In reference to the previous article on food, everyone has an opinion on Veterinarians. Especially the ones they trust their dog’s health with. And, I’m sure our choice is not everyone’s choice. Since they are a nation-wide organization, there’s probably locations that aren’t as great as others, but we can only speak to our experience with the location we’ve used for quite a number of years now.

Before telling who they are, we’ll share what drove our decision to start using them for Vet services. The Melamine scare of 2007 was killing dogs across the US. How many, you see, we’ll never know because, at the time, there was no nation-wide network of collected statistics from all the small Vet offices scattered throughout the towns, cities, counties and states. A couple Vets in Mississippi might have seen a couple dog deaths related to the Melamine-laced food, but they wouldn’t report it to anyone outside of, perhaps, their local colleagues.

When we read this in the few stories that were printed at the time, we were amazed. One part of the story stood out and stuck in our mind to this day, the only Veterinarians that had data on the Melamine impact in the US was Banfield. They had offices all around the country and could compile data from these offices which drew a picture of a nation-wide food problem.

It was soon after that we decided to change to Banfield.

Since 2007 they have cared for 3 of our dogs and have done little to make us interested in changing. Granted we’ve had a problem from time-to-time with a particular Dr., as, in the past, it was a lot more random as to whom you’d see when you brought in your pet. They’ve changed a lot over the last few years and now we have an assigned Dr. for our dogs and even though she might be busy and can’t see our dog for a checkup, all the dog’s prescriptions (and Yuki’s got a lot) go through her, as well as their records from visits.

When we lost our oldest dog, We received a card in the mail from the Banfield location we had taken him for years. Not only was it signed by his Dr. but every member of the staff as well. That might be expected from a small Vet who would definitely remember all their customers, but from an office that sees 50, or more, patients a day, it struck us as remarkable and much appreciated.

As we wrote at the beginning, all animal owners have their favorite method of medical care for their pet. We can recommend Banfield based upon our personal anecdotal experience, but we’ll stop short of saying they are better than any other Vet, as, obviously, we’ve not utilized the services of every other Vet. We do like Banfield and will continue to use them until they disappoint.