Photo: The Hair of the Dog that Bit You

One of our constant battles is with Yuki’s hair. All dogs shed. Some, more than others. I sometimes wonder if Yuki is able to set an all-time-high shedding rate amongst canines.

Like the Samoyed, if Yuki’s hair is not brushed daily or weekly then “tumbleweeds” (as Mom calls them) begin showing up all over the house, rolling across the hard wood floors as breezes gently push them this way and that. If only we could make wool for clothing out of his hair like some do with Samoyed hair.

Pecos has a “bad hair day” for about a week, every six, or so, months. Yuki, if not regularly brushed, can obtain a ragged and matted look with ease. He looks like the day after a hard night.

Yuki's hair all over the yard after a brushing.

Remanats of the most recent battle against Yuki’s shedding.