Dog Bio: Yuki

Yuki our White ShepherdYuki, is a White Shepherd, a type of dog that was almost excised from the planet decades ago. European breeders saw White Shepherds as anomalies in the German Shepherd breed and tried to keep them from tainting the breed by destroying any White Shepherd that came along.

They were almost successful but Canadian and American breeders saved the offshoot from extinction. As of today they are still not an official AKC breed and are still considered “white” German Shepherds.

True to his type, Yuki is the most unusual dog we’ve ever come across or owned. He has a singular personality and can only be described as the “happiest” dog we’ve seen.

We attribute his personality to his history. Simply put, he’s never seen a hard day in his life. While other dogs are rescues from mistreatment, or found roaming the streets surviving on garbage, Yuki’s lived  the opposite life and might be considered an odd definition of a “Rescue” dog … even though he is.

Yuki is from a breeder somewhere in the Richmond, VA region. He was a sickly puppy, according to his medical records. Diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia (an abnormal formation of the hip sockets) worms and other troubles. His records show the vet dealing with these kinds of troubles for almost his first year.

Yuki’s life would only improve from there. Including a short stint as a model. That’s correct, a model.

Yuki, and his sister Neige, were given up to Virginia German Shepherd Rescue in 2010. During his brief time there, he stayed with a great family who knew from the beginning that he wouldn’t stay with them for long, as he was too great a dog. Part of VGSR’s adoption process is the “sleepover” where potential adopters can have the dog spend the weekend with them just to see if they get along. When we took Yuki for the weekend, his foster parents gave us all his stuff Friday night because they knew he wouldn’t be coming back. They were right, he’s been with us ever since that weekend in November 2010.

Yuki is that kid that is never quite healthy. He’s always got some problem. Besides his hip problems, he suffers from allergies of all kinds. Mom has to give him his mini-pharmacy of medications every morning and night, and he’s got his orthopedic beds he sleeps on as well.

In the evenings while we’re watching TV or reading, he will gather an pile of toys around him and will begin to play with them like a small child playing with their toys. He’ll move a stuffed animal, then chew a ball, etc., almost as if he’s making them talk in his head.

As stated before, he has a very unique personality and instead of describing it all here, hopefully you’ll see it in the posts to this site over time.

P.S. Yes, both his and his sister’s names mean “snow”.