Yuki’s Story Continues: End of first round

Yuki ended the first round of his second time in chemo this week with a dose of Mitoxantrone. The Oncologist feels that Yuki is doing well enough he can take two weeks off instead of just one, and doesn’t even need to come in for the off-week blood test. I’m hoping this is the case and not that the Dr. feels this chemo round is a waste of time and is trying to spare us the cost by giving us a couple weeks where we don’t have to bring Yuki in for costly treatments.

As always, Yuki is in good spirits and active. This is the main motivator behind our proceeding forward with this second round. As of yet, Yuki’s quality of life continues to be high. If he becomes long-term sick and miserable then we’ll re-evaluate what is the best course for Yuki.


After speaking with Oncologist we now have a better idea for his plans.  He feels, as do we, that the cancer is much more resistant this time and so he is trying some other medications.  As stated in the last postMitoxantrone is a newer drug and he wanted to try it instead of Doxorubicin.  If he feels this has little to no effect, then he’ll try Tanovea (which is really new) or CCNU (which is unfortunately classified as a “rescue protocol“).

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