Yuki’s Story: Finale

I’m not going to string this out. Simply put, Yuki is CANCER FREE!

Recently, Yuki went in for his final exam and “re-staging” after finishing his 20 weeks of chemotherapy. They did lots of tests that day, blood, ultrasounds, etc., and it all looked good. They also took a sample from one of his lymph nodes. This was the REAL test. Since the sample was taken on a Friday, it wouldn’t be until the following Tuesday we’d know the results.

It was a long wait, those four days. The doctor had been the definition of ‘cautiously optimistic’ when he gave us the findings for all the other tests the day we took Yuki in. Everything else looked great but he wasn’t ready to say that Yuki’s cancer was in full remission. Not until he had the results back from the lymph node.

The doctor called late Tuesday afternoon with the news that the lymph node came back clean. No sign of cancer!

We, of course, are overjoyed at the news. There’s a 50/50 chance that the cancer will return within a year or never return again. At the least we’ve ‘purchased’ another year with our dog Yuki.

All thanks for this gift goes to Mom who dutifully took Yuki to Chemo every Friday and fed him his mountain of pills, and filled out the report that had to be turned in every visit on Yuki’s health over the week and any reactions he might have had. If anything I think Yuki has bonded with her even more, if possible, after all the special attention he got (including the extremely rare rides in Mom’s car!).

So, thanks to the doctor’s work, very special thanks to Mom, and congratulations to Yuki for winning his fight!

Photo of Yuki in the back yard.

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