Photo: Pool Party

For the last couple years we’ve picked up a pool at PetsMart for the dogs to play in. Usually in the past, Yuki was the only one interested, but this year Pecos got his first experience with one of these pools. The problem that obviously arose is that one little dog pool will not fit two large dogs competing for time in the water.

The photo I wish I had, but wasn’t able to get in time, was Pecos trying to lay down in the pool. It was not a pretty site as he is just too big.

We started looking for larger pools, but perhaps next year. It is just too hot now for them to be outside for very long, pool or no. Perhaps next year we’ll look a little more before getting a pool for the dogs, although I fear if Pecos gets a pool he can lay in we may never get him back inside.

Yuki and Pecos trying to play in doggie pool

“Bro, I think we need a bigger pool!”