Photo: Dog Tree

A few years ago we clear a number of trees from our back yard. We decided at the time to keep one, an oddly shaped Holly tree that gained the nickname “Seuss Tree” due to its trunk which is far from straight.

This tree has become our dog’s place to sit in the back yard when outside (no, we don’t tie them to it!). Most likely because it’s the only shade out there during the day, but I think they also see it as their “spot” in the yard to hang out. If we’re on the deck sitting, the dogs will go out and sit by their tree, even in the evenings when shade is plentiful in the yard.

We put new bark shavings around it every spring, but those don’t last long as Yuki will play with a ball while digging into the bark, and Pecos will dig a hole in the bark to lay down in to stay cool.


Pecos proudly represents his and Yuki's tree

Pecos proudly represents his and Yuki’s tree