2017 wrap-up

It was a good year, for the most part, for Yuki and Pecos this year. Before November things were quiet but enjoyable for our two mutts.

On the blog side, 2017 started with a few posts in February, but things went quiet for most of the year until the unfortunate news we received about Yuki and his Lymphoma. If you’ve kept up with the updates you’ll know that Yuki is doing pretty good with his chemotherapy and we’re hopeful that 2018 will bring a permanent remission to his cancer.

On the Twitter side of things there were a number of Yuki & Pecos appearances that didn’t warrant a full-on blog post.

Getting into the ad biz.


Pecos: “I was worried about you!”
Me: “Cuuuute doggo! Must tweet a picture!”
Pecos: “sigh.”

Yuki: The Dog with X-ray Eyes

Archie, Yuki & Pecos

To tired to care chair is in your way.

Yuki got his Christmas present today. 60 brand new tennis balls. cc

Dingo Pecos claims as many of Yuki’s new tennis balls as his head can cover.

Outside of all this, we personally enjoyed another great year with our two dogs.

Of course, the whole year wasn’t great. We first got a scare from Pecos in mid-summer when the Vet thought they saw something on his yearly x-ray that deserved a closer look. After getting him an ultrasound it was determined that there was nothing to worry about, but there for a while we thought there might be trouble. It turned out this would be a foreshadowing of what was to come with Yuki in the late fall.

Yuki’s story, as detailed on this website, ended up being the real thing. Lymphoma and the decision put to us on how to treat it. Read the stories on this site to see how that is going. His treatments should end in February 2018 and then we will treat every extra day with him as a blessing, but somewhat in fear for the return of his cancer, which, as the vet explained, will be almost untreatable if/when it returns.

Here’s hoping for a better 2018 and more happy stories about our two dogs on this site.

— Dad.

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