Yuki’s Story: Round 3, Week 1

Just a quick update.

Yuki has begun his third round of chemotherapy this week with Vincristine again.

One thing, however, that has caused some concern with the oncologist is Yuki’s Liver numbers. His total bilirubin number was high and after re-checking was much lower but remained above normal. The doctor decided to lessen the Vincristine dosage out of concern for the liver levels which could increase the likelihood of side effects.

The doctor also said he’ll do an ultrasound of the internal organs if this value remains elevated. To see if the cancer is already fighting back and spreading again. Yuki’s lymph nodes, luckily, show no sign or enlargement so hopefully that’s a good sign.

The oncologist also wants to start Yuki on ursodiol tablets to aid the flow of bile out of Yuki’s gallbladder.

Fingers crossed that this was just a lab error or associated with Yuki getting a snack before treatment (he’s supposed to fast). We’ll keep an eye on the whites of his eyes for any sign of jaundice in the mean time.

In other news Yuki keeps warm under his toys.

Yuki keeps warm buried under his soft toys.

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